We simplify the process of buying tickets online for Concerts, Conferences, Trainings and more, whether for 10 or thousands of participants. Participants will be able to buy their tickets online and access them via their mobile phone.

Online sales 24h/7

Your customers will no longer need to travel physically and endure long queues to buy tickets. Sales are available and tickets are generated automatically.

Real-time reports and statistics  

View your sales and booking data. Reports display statistics and detailed time data for each of your events.   

Simple and transparent pricing  

We have a simple and transparent pricing model. Commissions will only be taken from each ticket sold.

Real-time event updates  

Possibility to make changes to events at any time according to needs, apply discount coupons and send information messages to participants. 

Payment adapted to your preferences

After the event, your winnings will be transferred to your Bank Account, MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money or other account.

Accompaniment by the MADON team

 Simple sales process with dedicated support to help you optimize your sales  

How to sell event tickets?  

  1.  Register for free on the MADON Marketplace as a Seller
  2.  Configure your event (texts, photos, dates)
  3.  Start ticket sales
  4.  Follow the state of sales in real time
  5.  Ticket sales proceeds will be paid at the end of the order

Commissions on ticket sales  

To ensure you get the best experience on MADON, including assistance in creating and developing new features, MADON charges a service fee of x% on every ticket sold.