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I feel very comfortable working with MADON. Since I started selling on this online platform, everything has become much easier. In fact, MADON takes care of everything: they manage all the logistics and also provide detailed reports that allow me to closely monitor my sales from my phone. I feel very comfortable and so do my customers.

Rachelle M., seller of beauty products

Working with MADON has been a real relief for my business. My sales have literally taken off, because they present my products in an optimal way to facilitate sales. What’s more, I’ve never had to worry about paying my sales revenues, because MADON always pays them on time.

Steve T., seller of electronics products

I can really count on this partnership to help my business grow. With MADON’s support, I’ve learned the importance of surrounding myself with experts in order to progress. My sales have increased significantly, and their team is highly responsive and quality-conscious, allowing me to concentrate fully on the strategic development of my business.

Alette E., seller of products for household

Frequently Asked Questions

On MADON, you can sell a wide range of wholesale and retail products, from one-of-a-kind handicrafts to mass-produced goods. Whether it’s clothing, accessories, electronics, beauty products, food or more, there’s a place for every niche on our platform.

Creating a seller account on MADON is totally free. You’ll only be charged when a sale is made, with competitive commission fees. We believe in mutual growth with our sellers, which is why we offer transparent and advantageous rates to maximize your profits.

With MADON, managing your inventory is simplified thanks to our user-friendly interface. You can easily add, modify or remove products from your store in just a few clicks. What’s more, our inventory tracking system lets you monitor your product levels in real time, so you’re always informed and ready to meet demand.

Your payments are processed quickly and securely on MADON. Once a sale has been made, your earnings are transferred to your account according to the payment terms you have set.

Although MADON offers a wide range of product choices, we have strict policies regarding prohibited items. Counterfeit, illegal, dangerous or inappropriate products are not allowed on our platform. We are committed to maintaining a safe and reliable environment for our sellers and customers, in compliance with all applicable standards and regulations.

To increase the visibility of your products, be sure to optimize the titles, descriptions and images of your listings. Also use MADON’s promotional and marketing features to reach a wider, targeted audience.

At MADON, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive support to our sellers. You can count on our dedicated support team to answer all your questions and solve problems quickly. What’s more, we offer useful resources and guides to help you succeed on our platform.

Yes, on MADON you have access to advanced analysis tools that allow you to track your sales performance in real time. You can consult detailed reports on sales, product trends, buyer behavior and much more to make informed decisions and optimize your sales strategy.

Having a personalized store on MADON allows you to strengthen your brand recognition and create a unique shopping experience for your customers. You can customize your store’s name, upload your logo and choose an attractive banner to showcase your products and attract buyers’ attention.