The MADON affiliate program allows content creators, influencers, bloggers and publishers to monetize their traffic. With thousands of products available on MADON, affiliates join the program for free, direct their audience to their recommended articles, and earn money on purchases generated by their audience.

How does it work?

Benefit from several advantages:

Frequently Asked Questions

The MADON affiliate program includes content creators, influencers, publishers and bloggers, entrepreneurs and educators who inspire and recommend products and services to their audience on MADON. Membership in the program is free, and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions on every sale generated on MADON via your affiliate link.

Everyone is invited to become a MADON Affiliate, regardless of age, profession or popularity. Each application is reviewed. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

  1. Registration: Register for the MADON affiliate program by filling out the form (Link)

  2. Confirmation: After a successful evaluation you will receive a confirmation email and access to your affiliate area.

  3. Select products: Choose the products you want to promote and generate the affiliate link of the products from your affiliate dashboard.

  4. Promote products: Start promoting the products via any digital media, e.g. by writing product reviews, use cases, promotional videos, etc.

  5. Earn money: For every person you refer to our site who makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

There are no fees for joining an affiliate program.

Affiliates can recommend products via the channel of their choice and receive a commission when sales are made, be it blogs or social networks (Dikalo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, etc.)

You will earn at least 1% commission on every successful sale you refer! Sales with incomplete payment or refunds will not earn any commission.

You receive your payments in cash, OM, MoMo, bank transfer etc. Your payment is available after delivery of the products.

You will have an affiliate dashboard from which you can track all statistics relating to your promotional activities. You will also receive immediate notification by e-mail when a sale has been made from your affiliate link.

Your total money are shown inside your MADON Affiliate Dashboard.

If the users return products within the return period, you won’t get any commissions from returned products.