The web magazine AULETCH talks about MADON !

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Published on may, 3rd 2022 by Charly Ngon

Drawn from the customs and traditions of Douala, MADON, which in French means exchanges, by extension markets, is a trading platform that allows users to make their purchases online in complete security. You can easily browse the site like a person shopping in a real supermarket to make your purchases. The online shop offers everyday products such as electronics, foodstuffs, home accessories, clothing (men’s, women’s and children’s), shoes and wellness products, to name but a few. The platform also collaborates with other sellers who use this showcase to display their goods.

Apart from products from abroad, the MADON site also offers products made in Cameroon. This is a way for the promoters to encourage local production, which has difficulty positioning itself on the market because of the aggressive competition from big brands.

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